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Join Our Team!

A1 Nerdy Homes LLC, is looking to partner with sub contractors (Vendors) to assist our customers with maintaining their properties. We pride ourself in partnering with highly qualified vendors in the REO, Property Preservation, Maintenance, and Repair fields. Currently we are looking for vendors in New Jersey.


Application Process

Apply To Be A Vendor

Complete the vendor application form to get started.

Subcontractor Requirements

Once your application is completed, the following requirements must be met in order to perform work. 

  1. Complete, read and sign the subcontractor Agreement.

  2. Complete and sign a W-9 form. 

  3. General Liability Insurance Policy  "A1 Nerdy Homes LLC" must be added as an additional insured on your policy prior to starting any work. "IF APPLICABLE"

  4. A copy of your current valid driver’s license.

  5. A copy of your worker’s compensation policy or letter stating your exemption. "IF APPLICABLE"

  6. A copy of your State Contracting or Specialty License (HVAC, electrical, plumbing, mold, etc. "IF APPLICABLE")

  7. Submit Your Direct Deposit Form Or Voided Check To Receive Payment For Your Completed Work Orders.

 All Contractors would be responsible for providing bids when requested and completing hazard claims repairs for mortgage companies. Work would be on a job-by-job, order-by-order, contractual basis.


  • Must be able to take photos and upload pictures to in Company Cam and/or other applications.

  • Pass a background check if requested.

  • Provide reasonable bids.

  • Perform repairs in accordance with all state and local codes and inspections.

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